The screen has now expanded the live stage.
We continue to open the curtain on live performances that
go beyond the here-and-now to become lifelong memories.
Change. Adapt. Shift. Pivot.  It’s time to Virtualize!


Micah Graves Quartet - Jazz at Prescott Alley

June 2021

Korey Riker Quartet - Jazz at Prescott Alley

May 2021

THE SERMON! Live at Prescott Alley

April 2021

Mike Boone Trio - Jazz At Prescott Alley

March 2021

Tony Micelli Trio - Jazz At Prescott Alley

Feb 2021

Rev Chris & Gusten Rudolph - Jazz At Prescott Alley

Dec 2020


Thank you to all the "smiling" faces that contributed to this inspirational project!

Still Standing Together

In collaboration with our performers, Windish Music & Productions is proud to present our latest project “Still Standing Together.” These performers have worked all over the world on cruise ships, at theme parks, theaters, from Broadway to Billboard Onboard.
Although we can not physically be with one another during this time, we truly believe entertainment still has the power to create unity.
We hope to bring inspiration to your day Please enjoy “Still Standing Together”.