Eric Bostic

Audio Production, Sound Design

Eric first entered the live performance industry in 2012 as a sound engineer. Since that time, he has worked in performing venues throughout the Washington D.C, Baltimore, and Delaware regions. In addition to holding a B.S. in Audio Production, Eric has a wealth of experience working as a freelance engineer and technician at venues such as Baltimore Center Stage and the Delaware Theater Company, and spent several years serving as the Sound and Projections Supervisor at the Olney Theatre Center. Additionally, Eric has spent several years as an adjunct instructor of audio technology at Cecil College, where he also served as the resident designer, audio engineer, and lead technician for the Elkton Station Performing Arts Hall.



  • Audio Production:
    • Basics of a digital audio workstation
    • Basic editing tools and techniques
    • Recording techniques
    • Using loops and samples
    • Signal processing
    • Understanding and using MIDI
    • Using virtual instruments
    • Mastering concepts
  • Sound Design:
    • Identifying sound sources
    • Ear training
    • Editing Techniques
    • Automation
    • Foley
    • Synthesis
    • Dialog manipulation

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Four (4) Lessons, 60 Minutes Each: $300


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