Bryan Loy

Guitar, Voice, Production

Bryan Loy started his career performing at Hersheypark, and began working full-time with Windish Music and Productions in 2018. As a musician, he has performed as a guitarist / vocalist at numerous venues, events and parks across the country. Behind the scenes, Bryan has worked as a director, producer, writer and arranger for various parks and attractions including Cedar Point, Dorney Park, Morey’s Piers and Coney Island Park.




  • Guitar Lessons
    • Intermediate Rock, Pop, Funk
    • Tackle your favorite tunes and learn the techniques and styles that make your favorite guitar songs so memorable.
    • Learn Basic Chord patterns and scales to start you on the right path
    • We will also tackle beginner songs and melodies to put chords and scales learned into practice.
  • Voice Lessons
    • Rock & Pop: Learn techniques and tips for singing rock and pop style vocals. Everything from Queen to Ed Sheeran!
    • Musical Theatre: Study the many different techniques and styles of the musical theatre genre. Approach different styles, from the Golden Age of Broadway to the Modern Era.
  • Logic Pro X
    • Basics, Tracking, Mixing
    • Learn how to set up a project in Logic Pro X, how to track different instruments in different scenarios, and how to start mixing your own projects and songs.
  • Garage Band Basics
    • Learn the basics of setting up a session, and how to start recording your own projects!

When you choose a class pack, you will receive four lessons with this teaching artist. Lessons are either 30 or 60 minutes in length depending on what works best for the student.

Four (4) Lessons, 30 Minutes Each: $160
Four (4) Lessons, 60 Minutes Each: $300


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